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                High temperature baking sheet

                ProductCategory:  Grills >> High temperature baking sheet
                ProductName: High temperature baking sheet
                Product Code: 101716105116

                This product is designed for the electric oven, microwave oven, baking equipment design and development of household food steamer, bakingwith high temperature cloth / food grills / non stick cloth / steamer clothand its main features are as follows:

                1, excellent anti adhesive, can easily remove surface grease, stains, can use repeatedly;

                2, to prevent the oil spill in the baking process flow to the bottom of the oven accumulation;

                3, temperature range and high temperature resistant, conventional -70-280 can reach 380 DEG C, the highest;

                4, safe to use, in long ti is non-toxic, non stick, the characteristics of high temperature resistant, safe contact with food, have antiseptic function.

                5, specifications have 40cm*60cm, 30cm*40cm also can according to customer's need to cut the


                1 is used for heating food:

                1) use the scissors to cut the grill into the desired size and shape.

                1) placed in the pot, disc or other container above

                2) put the food on the grill.

                3) the food is baked, baking sheet film cooling, washing it with water.

                4) grills can be used repeatedly

                2 for the oven gasket:

                Electric oven, electric oven bottom placed in or nethermost grill.

                The steam oven - drying rack on the lowest, cannot be placed directly on the bottom.

                As the surface pretreatment, the application of anti high temperature,anti stick until the main characteristics, can be used for processingdough work surface station. Is the necessary product of home baked goods.

                Ruifeng company has achieved FDA certification and SGS testing report,the use of customers can feel safe and secure.


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