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                  Taixing Ruifeng rubber products Co., Ltd. is located in the trafficdeveloped along the Yangtze River in the historical and cultural city of Taizhou City, using polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) productionenterprises and silicone rubber coating products as the characteristic, is also a leader China fluorine, silicon composite pioneer, in the industry.Ruifeng --- in fluorine, silicon chemical in the high-tech fields, and actively promote the research, development, innovation of new products,to provide more classic products for all walks of life, meet the globalmarket.

                Ruifeng equipment, exquisite workmanship, the authentication is complete, and thoughtful service. Every products are imported fiberweaving + fluorine and silicone resin = quality fluorine and silicone resincomposite materials are widely used in aerospace, aviation, automobile,electronics, electrical appliances, insulation materials, food packaging,plastic products, paper making, printing, dyeing, garment, chemicalcorrosion engineering, effect excellent. Ruifeng full use of first-class sales resources, expanding the reputation at home and abroad, and actively create international well-known brand. Ruifeng people will behigh quality, Gao Chengxin, high enthusiasm with customers to createbrilliant!