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                Why will appear Teflon tape adhesive residue

                Teflon tape through high temperature baking will occur after residual glue, glue overflow phenomenon, by touch or observation will find a tinyresidue near distance, the tiny residue has a great impact on production.This phenomenon may be the data of high temperature resistanceadhesive tape does not meet the requirements of production, often require high temperature resistant requirement in 210-260 degrees, so the production before should first confirm whether meet the requirements of production.

                If the production line temperature is too high, not in the range of processrequirements, also can appear the residual gum, should check thetemperature sensor is normal; Teflon tape product itself quality problems arise, in the coating production process if not strictly in accordance with the pressure sensitive adhesive curing data heating curing, the curing time is not enough or coating line speed too fast, will lead to glue, glue coating, bottom substrate three cannot be component combination; when the Teflon tape by coating roller coating machine after, semi-finished products are generally required after standing for 2-3 days to rewinding and slitting used, this is done mainly to let the glue and substrate fully integrated, glue cured completely in a state of nature next, if not completely cured of rewinding and slitting, there will be residual adhesive.

                According to the appearance of residual gum phenomenon, the first and most critical is to control the quality of Teflon tape, in production should be preceded by preliminary screening test for ozone at high temperature,meet the company requirements can be used after.

                The Teflon tape belongs to the high-tech technology in the production process, raw materials contain chemical ingredients, and each customeruse environment, coating equipment, technical requirements, production technology and personnel operation and many other factors, in the production process will inevitably appear abnormal phenomenon. If it is in the production process in the residue phenomenon, should be firstabnormal workpiece removed, stored separately, in order to prevent the occurrence of such phenomena, deal with the online product inspection efforts, through bad statistics for a period of time or a certain number ofanalysis of percentage of residual gum rate, also should check the actual situation of this batch of adhesive tape according to, find out the root of the problem, so in the production process will not appear similar phenomenon. For artifacts appear adhesive residue, in order to reduce the cost of inputs, to remove gum on these parts using alcohol or tape,method is dipped with a small amount of alcohol with cotton to wipe; usingthe same type of adhesive tape sticky addition.