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                The material selection method and teach you to distinguish the silicon adhesive plaster

                Silicone is a synthetic production of 2 kinds of main raw materials and become, with high strength, high temperature resistant glass fiber clothas a substrate, and silicon rubber composite skin, after the high temperature curing, processed into finished products. The compositematerial is a new product of high performance, multipurpose.

                There are many types of silicone on the market, how to choose?

                First selected for the silicon rubber cloth, for my own use to determine the thickness, single or double? Sure good later, select. If it is spreadingor dipping, tightness test cloth, fabric have no white, with whitephenomenon, certainly not sealed.

                Calendered silicone selection is relatively simple, the flatness of thecloth, there is no mirror sense, are the same color, general requirementsnot mottled. The fabric of the silica gel layer can not have the eye of a needle and less plastic phenomenon, or after a certain pressure, will alsoair leakage.

                Summary: silicone is made of silicone rubber coated glass fiber cloth ishigh temperature resistant, anti-corrosion, high strength glass fiber.